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AmstedMaxion was created in the beginning of the new millennium, from the association between the US company Amsted Industries Inc. and the Brazilian company Iochpe-Maxion, a successor to FNV - Fábrica Nacional de Vagões, founded back in 1943.

With seven decades of activities now, it appears as one of the main Latin American references in the development and manufacturing of steel and aluminum cargo freight cars, cast steel wheels, bogies, wheel and axle sets and shock absorption and traction systems, in addition to providing services for repair, adaptation and modernization of freight cars and their components. A pioneer, AmstedMaxion serves all railways and their users in Brazil and abroad, including freight car leasing companies. The company has also innovated by creating the first DH10 Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive manufactured in Brazil, which has been especially developed for maneuvering services, and it may be used either in cargo or passenger lines, on non-electrified systems.

In the largest steel casting plant of South America, parts of up to 6 tons are manufactured for application on machinery and industries of civil construction, mining, siderurgy, automobile and railway. For all that, it is a company that is present in the lives of thousands people. Yes, that is because that at some time, that product that has arrived at your house has traveled through a way created by AmstedMaxion.


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