Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the set of processes, regulations and institutions that regulate how AmstedMaxion and Greenbrier Maxion are administered. Here you will have access to our Code of Ethics and Manifestations, as well as to know the companies that are part of the group.

Code of Ethics

Ethical conduct in all business-related activities is a key element of our business strategy and development at AmstedMaxion.

Therefore, we do not want anyone to jeopardize these standards of conduct, even when one thinks that his / her actions may favor or enhance AmstedMaxion performance.

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AmstedMaxion and Greenbrier Maxion wish and expect that all its employees and third parties who have knowledge of the activities and practices of conducting the business of Maxion, express themselves promptly and in accordance with the procedures

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Group’s Companies

You can see all Greenbrier Group companies bellow.

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Privacy Policy

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Cookies Policy

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