Social Projects

AmstedMaxion has several social projects, such as Formare, implemented in companies since 2006, the Senai Young Apprentices, Christmas without Hunger and the WINTER CLOTHES campaign.


A program maintained by companies that goes far beyond professional learning, offering social and cultural activities and lectures on the company’s markets. Aimed at young people from low-income families aged 17 to 18, the courses provide the opportunity for initial training for the job market and last for approximately one year. Classes are taught by the employees themselves at the company’s premises.

Senai Young Apprentices

Apprentice training program that, through a partnership between the companies and the SENAI unit, promotes youth development in their first professional experience.

Winter Clothes Campaign

Each year, our employees are encouraged to participate in our Winter Clothes Campaign, which benefits many needy families in the communities of Hortolândia and Cruzeiro / SP. The entity is chosen by the Sustainability Committee, made up of employees from different areas.

Christmas without Hunger

With the participation of employees and the community, AmstedMaxion collects food for the needy families of the municipality.

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