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With over 70 years of activity, AmstedMaxion is the leading Latin American reference in the development and manufacture of steel wheels, casting components for bogies and draft gear systems, such as draft sill, E and F type coupler, fixed and rotary yokes, connection rods, followers, collars, wheel mirrors, as well as railway wheels with micro-alloyed steel technology. They are robust components with high operational performance, easy maintenance and adapted to the high demands and forces of movement of the current trains, heavier and longer. In addition to the railway components, it also has the capacity to produce pieces from ten kilos to six tons, in carbon steel and low alloy. Provides for the sectors of mining, machinery and equipment for civil construction and sugar and alcohol, both in domestic and export market.

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What we do


AmstedMaxion is a reference in the manufacture and supply railway and industrial castings in South America, from 10 Kg to 6 Ton.

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Railway Wheels and Components

First company in Brazil to supply micro-alloyed steel wheels, in addition to numerous casting railway components.

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Industrial Components

We produce and manufacture parts for the mining, construction and sugar-alcohol machinery and equipment sectors.

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Freight Cars, Bogies and Services

Learn more about the freight cars, bogies and services visiting Greenbrier Maxion website

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