Railway wheels

Known for its high strength, the micro-alloyed steel is produced with specially developed chemical compositions to optimize its mechanical properties. With specific heat treatment, it presented several advantages, including the increase of the yield limit and the hardness range (BHN), with a significant improvement in the depth of hardening, since it was found that the higher the hardness the lower the wear rate and, consequently, improved field performance.
The manufacturing of the AmstedMaxion freight car and locomotive lines use the same technology from one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the segment, the Griffin Wheel Company, a company of the Amsted Rail group, which owns the wheel technology with parabolic profile, reference standard by the American Railways Association (AAR).

The technology of Griffin Wheel Company is recognized for its worldwide excellence in development with dedicated technicians in innovative applications, from the choice of materials used for the manufacture of railway wheels to the use of structural analysis systems and parametrized system guaranteeing the quality of the final product. In order to guarantee the sanity of the railway wheels, 100% of the wheels are inspected by a state-of-the-art ultrasound system.

Technical data

Single Wear Freight Car Wheels
  •      Diameters available: CE28 “and CJ33”.
Multiple Wear Freight Car Wheels
  •      Diameters available: CD29 “, CA30”, CP33 “, CK36”, CG37 “, CD38” & CM39 “.
   Locomotives Wheels
  •      Diameters available: CF36 ” & CE40 ”.

Check out some images of the Wheels manufactured by AmstedMaxion

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