Open Factory

The Open Factory Program consists in opening the company’s doors to have a closer relationship between the company and its collaborators, family members and the community, presenting its reality, work environment, routine and technology. This program consists of promoting personalized visits for each type of public and is monitored by specialized technicians.

In the factory, the visitor will have moments of discovery and learning, in addition to finding out about the company’s actions and all curiosities related to its history.

Sign-up and get to know the largest railway operation and the largest foundry in Latin America!

In Cruzeiro, the visits take place every second week of the month, always on Thursdays, with groups of 10 (minimal quantity) to 20 people.

Minimum age for the visit is 12 years old.

They are required to present their ID or another identification document with photo for clearance at the gates.

The visitor should wear long pants, closed shoes and a t-shirt. It is forbidden to access the factory using shorts, sleeveless shirts, skirts or blouses, as well as soccer team jerseys.



Phelipe Silva at phone No. (12) 2122-8659 or e-mail

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